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Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Icon By Morrigan Solutions

Delegate and Focus on what matters!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list, buried under invoicing tasks, and drowning in a sea of emails?
We've all been there—it's time to break free!


The great news is that you've landed here, and that means you're ready to take action.

When the "admin part" of your business starts taking up too much of YOU, it's a sign that delegation is your superhero power. And guess what? You're all set to unleash it! 

Give yourself a standing ovation because I know how tough it can be to let go. Bravo to you!

As your Virtual Assistant, I'm here to swoop in and handle those specific tasks that have been stealing your time and sanity. Together, we'll reclaim your focus on what truly matters.

Check out just a taste of the tasks I can help you with (but believe me, it's not limited to these):


  • Email & Schedule Management: Let me tame your inbox and wrangle your hectic schedule.

  • Clients Onboarding & Offboarding Support: Smooth transitions for your clients, leaving them impressed.

  • Invoicing Management: No more wrestling with spreadsheets—I'll handle the billing battles for you.

  • Database Creation + Management: I'll whip your data into shape, making it your secret weapon.

  • Business Document Creation + Editing: From proposals to reports, I've got your back with polished perfection.

  • Website Management Support (Pages Design, Integrations): Let's transform your website into a showstopper.

  • Research & Problem Solving: I'll channel my inner detective to crack those tough challenges.

  • Content Support (Newsletters, Social Media, Blog Posts, ...): Your content will shine brighter than a disco ball.

  • Social Media Management: Content Creation, Hashtags Audit, Planning & Scheduling (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest): I'll help you conquer the social media universe, one post at a time.

  • English/French Social Media Content Translation: Breaking language barriers with flair and finesse.





Helene Virtual Assistant & online business manager Toronto Morrigan Solutions




-Easy and smooth onboarding

I'll have everything ready, guiding you effortlessly through our partnership.

-Communication and Transparency

Let's chat regularly, keeping everything crystal clear. I'll even bring detailed reports along with my invoices.

-A well of knowledge

Consider me your digital tech guru, armed with productivity-boosting wizardry.


Once we get into the groove, I'll work my magic independently, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

-Dedication & Compassion

Working with you means I genuinely care about your success, achieving your goals, and YOU as the incredible person you are.

RATES info

My Virtual Assistance services are task-based and customized to fit your business's unique needs.

Let's connect to discuss the perfect plan for you.


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