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Business Support for Women & Creatives 

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What we do :

We help small business owners run their business and avoid burn-out!

Whether you need to hire an Online Business Manager to run your business daily or for a one-time project such as a Launch or a digital transformation or a virtual assistant to take care of repetitive tasks to free up your time, we will help you stay organized so you can focus on the growth of your business stress-free!

We're your partners behind the scene

Our goal is to save your time & your energy so you can reclaim your schedule, focus on what matters, and achieve the growth you deserve.

Our services range from Administrative support ( Virtual Assistant services ) to Project & Team management ( Online Business Manager ).


Who do we work with:

We specialize in helping: 

-Moms Entrepreneurs

Our main clients identify as women, and we absolutely love empowering our peers. 
We want to support everyone, no matter their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic backgrounds.
We are an open space for anybody identifying as women or men and who would like to work with us .

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Hi I'm Helene and I'm glad you found us

After the birth of my second child, a Postpartum Depression, and a big disappointment at work, I decided to take back what was mine, my time, my skills, and my motherhood!
I created Morrigan Solutions in 2017, a home-based business providing Virtual Assistant services to help women never feel alone in their career!

 In 2020 I welcomed 2 amazing freelancers to the team, Melanie ( Executive Virtual Assistant - Organizational Ninja) and Stefanie (Writer and Social Media Manager)

I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with people I admire, for causes I believe in and fields I'm passionate about.

I absolutely look forward to learning more about you and how together we can make your life easier!

Stay amazing,



Virtual Assistant - Online Manager


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What People say...

Jacquie Jeanes-artist working with Morrigan Solutions

"Morrigan Solutions took the worry out of launching my business on a new social media platform. I get to focus more on my art and stress out less about my feed."

New Mom Project

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada