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Helene Morrigan Solutions, virtual assistant and online business manager services in Toronto, Canada


About me

Hello, Bonjour!

If you've reached this part, it means you're curious to know more about me, and that's both awesome and a little bit like finding a hidden treasure! (Imagine a mystical quest, but with less dragons and more tea sipping.)

I'm excited to share a whimsical glimpse of my story and why Morrigan Solutions sprouted like a magical beanstalk.

I'm Helene (pronounced like the letters L-N) and my pronouns are She/They.

I was born and raised in "la ville rose", the enchanting city of Toulouse, France. In 2011, I embarked on a new adventure by moving to Toronto, Canada.
Je parle couramment
français et I'm fluent in English, so feel free to reach out in your preferred language!

I have the incredible privilege of homeschooling my two incredible little munchkins. Navigating motherhood is a journey that has deepened my understanding of children's rights, Childism/Adultism and Systemic oppressions. It has led me to embrace intersectional feminism and advocating for a more inclusive world.

Story-time! In 2017, after the birth of my second child and grappling with Postpartum Depression, coupled with a significant disappointment in the traditional work world, I made a life-changing decision. I decided to reclaim my time, skills, and motherhood.

That's when I stepped into the world of freelancing and founded Morrigan Solutions.

My mission was clear: to support creatives and individuals identifying as women and/or moms, whether they're entrepreneurs or not, on their unique paths.

At Morrigan Solutions, I wear multiple hats and provide a holistic approach to my clients' needs: Online Project Manager, Virtual Assistant, French Translator, and offer resources for parents. It's an eclectic mix that allows me to bring my diverse skills and passions to the table.

Disclaimer: While I am not a parenting coach or consultant, I'm here to facilitate access to information and resources that empower parents on their journey, and connect them with valuable insights and support.

With a Professional Bilingual Executive Assistant BTEC Higher National Diploma under my belt, I've spent over 15 years assisting businesses, schools, organizations, and individuals in implementing systems and managing projects.

Through the noise-Art by HL
2023-07-16 23.06.12 9119cd2bcc94.jpg

Since I started Morrigan Solutions, I've undergone a profound transformation, recognizing the interconnectedness of productivity with Capitalism, Patriarchy, and white Supremacy. It's no secret that these systems have shaped our work culture, pushing us to prioritize endless tasks over our well-being.

As a passionate advocate for change, I've come to realize that we need to embrace a more holistic and fulfilling approach to productivity.

In my work, I prioritize systems that empower women to reclaim their time, their energy, and their worth. I firmly believe that self-care, well-being, and rest are essential in challenging the status quo. 

Too serious? Ok let's break the ice! Here's a fun fact about me: I'm passionate about languages, and I'm currently (or rather, bravely attempting to) embark on a linguistic adventure. I'm learning Japanese and Korean, and at the same time, I'm reconnecting with my Spanish roots. It's a thrilling journey that keeps me on my toes!

Now that you've glimpsed a snippet of my whimsical tale,  I'm genuinely excited to learn more about you and discover how, together, we can make your life easier, your business thrive, and your dreams come true!

Stay amazing,


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