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The way we parent can change the world...

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

If you know me, you're not surprised, if you don't let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Helene founder of Morrigan Solutions, I help Moms & Creatives go from Overwhelmed to Empowered. I'm also a mom with PTSD from childhood trauma.

Since the birth of my first child, I have been on a learning journey about systemic oppressions and discrimination against children.

I will eventually share a lot of it with you in the future.

But today, I'd love to invite you to join some amazing speakers, therapists, educators and activists at this unique conference: "Conscious Parenting for Social Justice",

a 3-day virtual conference organized by Yolanda Williams from Parenting Decolonized -

I have to say, they had me with the lineup! The speakers are incredible and inspirational!!!!

This conference features interviews, workshops, and panel roundtables about parenting and social justice; LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse acceptance; disability; dismantling the school to prison pipeline, and more!

This conference is for EVERYBODY - All races. All cultures. All ethnicities. Activists. Dreamers. Skeptics. Aspiring Activists. Therapists. Educators. Anyone interested in reimagining a liberated future for our children. Anyone who dreams of a future without police, where everyone’s needs are met, without the oppressive yokes of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism but isn’t sure they can imagine a world without them.

Conscious Parenting IS social justice - because the way we parent our children lays the foundation for tomorrow.

I’m committed to dismantling this old world and creating a better one for our children, are you with me? Get your ticket here

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