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How I Use My Passion Planner to Prioritize Rest and Balance My Life

As a long-time Passion Planner user, I can confidently say that it has changed my life for the better. By noting down my workload, my health, and my personal life all in one spot, I've been able to find a balance that seemed out of reach before.

One of the primary lessons I've learned with my Passion Planner is the significance of taking a rest. Being someone who was earlier very committed to productivity, I always felt guilty when I took a break. But after being diagnosed with a neurological disorder in August 2022 ( Google "Mal de Debarquement" if you're curious ;-) ) I quickly understood that rest was not only important but also essential for my health, my well-being but also to keep up with work and stay connected with my children.

Passion Planner Sakura Melody Burgundy
Passion Planner 2023 Weekly Dated Sakura Melody Burgundy

So, how do I use my Passion Planner to prioritize rest?

Primarily, I block off time for rest weekly. Whether it's a half-hour break after meetings, a walk to the park in the afternoon, or a full day off in the middle of the week, I make sure to allot rest in my calendar like any other appointment. This helps me stay responsible for myself and make sure that I'm taking the necessary time to recuperate. I like to track the moon cycles to see what days are more prone for long time of rest and arrange my meetings accordingly.

I also use my Passion Planner to track my symptoms and state of mind, which has helped me recognize patterns and triggers that can lead to flare-ups. By being mindful of my mind and body, I'm able to take precautionary steps to stop flare-ups and retain my overall well-being.

Rest is only one part of the puzzle. I also use my Passion Planner to stay productive and organized in my work and personal life. I allot time for client work and make sure to schedule time to connect with my kids and have social time, this is especially important as an unschooling mom of 2!

And, as someone who likes to express their creativity, I enjoy using my Passion Planner as a canvas for my drawings and doodles, sometimes my daughter even joins in :)

In conclusion, using my Passion Planner this way has been a game-changer for me in finding balance and prioritizing rest. By utilizing it to note my symptoms, plan regular breaks, and stay organized in all aspects of my life, I'm able to feel more centered and fulfilled than ever before. Therefore, if you're feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, I encourage you to try out the Passion Planner and see how it can help you prioritize rest and find balance in your life too :) Click the button below to check out their large collection of planners (paper & digital) and use my referral code to get $10 OFF: HÉLÈNE316

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