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My TOP Must-Have Digital Tools for Freelancers & Creatives

Whether you just started as a Freelancer or have been there for a while, you know you can't run a successful biz without the use of digital tools.

Now I get it, it can be super overwhelming figuring out what platform does what and which one is the best for you. Because we are all unique and all work differently, some tools might appeal more to you than others. For this reason, I invite you to use free trials and do not hesitate to ask for help sourcing THE perfect platform for you AND your business.

I gathered for you a list of digital tools that I believe are a must-have to start/run your business efficiently.⁠

For Project Management, I recommend using one of these useful tools:

Trello for the straightforwards!

Simple and efficient - Board view - User friendly - Free plan available

Asana for the fancy ones!⁠

Pretty and robust - Multiple views - Learning curve - Free plan available

ClickUp for the do-it-all adepts! (Dat me 🙋🏻‍♀️).⁠

Versatile All-in-one - Multiple views -Learning curve - Free plan available

Regarding Invoicing, I suggest one of the following:⁠

Quickbooks for Accounting lovers⁠!

Well known and robust - learning curve - Freelancer plan available

Wave Invoicing for the easy-going folks!⁠

Simple and strong - User-friendly - Free plan available

Invoice Ninja for the hardcore Freelancers! (Dat me 😅)⁠

Fully customizable and powerful - learning curve - Free plan available

CRM - Do you use a Client Relationship Management system?

I found out that very few of us do. ⁠

Guys, it's useful, trust me.⁠

The tools I'm advising here do CRM and SO MUCH MORE! ⁠... I wish they would make coffee too...

Honeybook for the Minimalists⁠!

Beautiful and comprehensive - Learning curve - Free trial available

Dubsado for the control freaks⁠!

Highly customizable and popular - Learning curve - Free plan available up to 3 clients

ClickUp for the Swiss Army Knife wielders! (Dat me 🤺)⁠

⁠Powerful a