Bonjour les Amis!

Nice to meet you, I'm Helene and I'm the lucky mom of 2 amazing children, the partner of the best nerdy dad ever, and the owner of 3 rescue cats! (Animal lovers hello!)

I was born and raised in France (Toulouse) and I'm passionate about my mother tongue, Arts & Metaphysics. 

I consider myself to be an Intersectional Feminist along with Human/Children rights advocate. I spend my free time learning about parenting and intergenerational trauma,  becoming mom led me to that...

I'm a Technophile and productivity nerd who loves finding solutions to help others achieve their goals!

As part of my experience as an Executive Assistant, Project Manager, and Executive Administrator, I have been managing projects, setting up systems and processes for schools, businesses, and charities since 2001. Today I am a freelancer, and as an Online Business Manager & Virtual Assistant, I investigate and implement systems and tools that aid to ease workflow and bolster productivity.

I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge with people I admire, for causes I believe in and fields I'm passionate about.

I absolutely look forward to learning more about you and how together we can make your life easier!

Stay amazing,


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"Morrigan Solutions took the worry out of launching my business on a new social media platform. I get to focus more on my art and stress out less about my feed."

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